Between notes

Writing down your thoughts, is like thinking out loud. Things crystallise. Serious, goofy, rants or praises. Just like a musical note disappears the moment it's played, so does the context of your thoughts, the moment they're written.

Dear friends,
Just want to let you know about a new track I did with Szhirley, a great Danish singer with whom I've had the pleasure to work with a bunch through the years (to all my Nomads friends: she also did a show with the us at Fredagsrock in Tivoli-Gardens a few years ago where she completely rocked the house!) We've done several fun recordings together, but this one is very special. It's a beautiful song written by Szhirley (in Danish) about parenthood. It's called "Som en Drøm" (=Like a dream). Lyrics that any parent will connect with instantly.
It was done a few years ago, during a turbulent and emotional time in my life. She gave me her beautiful vocal tracks and I proceeded directly to my studio one late evening where I re-arranged, produced and performed everything else on that track. Listening to it today, I can hear the place I was at, but also the resolve and clarity I felt at the time. I just love the way Szhirley sounds and how you can feel her vibe through the speakers.
Check it out. Check Szhirley out! Hope you dig it.

Today’s my mom’s 82nd birthday.

Even with her advanced Alzheimers, I’m glad she’s still here.

This morning, as every morning, I got up and turned on some music while making coffee. I had it on random, and the first tune that came up was Herbie Hancock’s ‘Don’t Stop’. It completely stopped me in my tracks. Haven’t heard this funky track in a very long time and it made me think of when I discovered this album and listened to it, non stop. I was about 15 and while my mom wouldn’t sing along when I’d blast Miles, Live at the Plugged Nickel - she would sing along, dance and ask me to play this Herbie track, again and again. For one thing, it goes to show you how hip my mom was - but that track also completely describes her.