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I have two pick ups I love. One is the Wilson Pick Up System by Jørgen Wilson, which I've been playing with for many years. It has a real strong signal and has a clarity I haven't heard in any other pick up. It sounds real good at all levels but it also makes it possible to play real loud without feeding back. It's perfect for playing solos and melodies. The other pick up I love is the Realist by Dave Gage. When I started playing with Michael Brecker, I was searching for a more earthy and less direct sound. This pick up definitely gives you that and it's perfect for coping and solos. Both pick ups are in my opinion the best ones out there. They are very different, but I love the sound of both.

In the studio as well as live I use DPA microphones. Simply the best there is! In the studio I use DPA 4021 on my acoustic. On vocals I use DPA 4015-TI, on piano I use matched/paired DPA 4021s.

For my electric I only use DR handmade Strings MR5-45 and for my acoustic I use regular Spirocore.

My amp is the connection between my instrument and the band & audience. The Mini CMD 121P combo (gotta love the initials!) is perfect for my acoustic. Sounds full, strong and natural - yet it is light and very portable. It even has an XLR input for my DPA-4099 microphone, and the Little Mark Tube 800 head is unbelievable and just what I need as a touring musician. Warm and powerfull yet small and light! I hook it up to the New York 804 cabinet for the best possible match for my SLB200 upright electric - and with the Standard 104HR for optimal "oomph" with my electric. Thank you, Markbass! I love what your amps and cabinets do for me!

My pedal board is fairly simple. The centerpiece is my switch with build in DI box, pre-amp, EQ mute and boost. My delay is the Replica by T-Rex, my octave pedal is the Boss OC3, my fuzz is the Bass Juice from T-Rex, the square pedal is my midi controller for my laptop.