The gear

The acoustic bass

Chris Minh Doky's acoustic bass was build by Jean Auray in a small town outside of Lyon in France. It is one of the luthier's custom made Fly Auray basses which can be disassembled for easier travelling. It wasn't supposed to be Chris Minh Doky's main acoustic bass, but the sound and feel of the bass quickly made it his primary acoustic bass. The instrument is slightly smaller than a normal ¾ bass but it only took a few weeks for CMD to adjust his intonation. Despite the size, it has a big sound, records really well and projects strongly, live on stage.



The Silent Bass

The Silent Bass is an instrument that Chris Minh Doky worked very closely with Yamaha in developing  - and stil do. After 9/11 it became increasingly difficult to travel with the acoustic bass, but there was not any decent electric uprights at time that could seriously rival an acoustic bass, if needed. This bass changed that. 

At first it was an excellent bass for travel and rehearsals around town, but soon CMD discovered it's vast additional musical and practical qualities. 

For more than 17 years, this bass is his most used bass on tours and concerts around the world.



The electric bass


Chris Minh Doky has long played the BB bass guitars from Yamaha because of the classic feel and the many sonic possibilities with the instruments. The latest edition to his family of basses, is the BBP34 (mounted with a hip-shot) which he now calls his favourite electric bass ever.